Monday, June 9, 2014

Roly Poly - the mid centry icon

After finishing the first seven episodes of season 7, I decided to go back and re-watch Mad Men from the beginning.  I have to say going from 1969 back to 1960 made me realize how things really did change in the 1960s.  The world of the first season seems so very formal, ladies are ladies, gentlemen are gentlemen.  And the housewares are glorious.

In my opinion, the glassware that is the epitome of Mad Men is the roly poly glass.  And it makes it's first appearance in the very first episode (Smoke Gets in Your Eyes).  Our first glimpse... on the table top bar in Don Draper's corner office.  And then Sal comes in and pours himself a drink.  Oh, Sal, how I have missed you.

When looking for these glasses online you often see them attributed to Dorothy Thorpe, who often did not sign her pieces.  Large manufacturers of glassware, such as Javits Crystal and Libbey, produced mid-century silver/platinum rimmed roly poly glasses on a much larger scale. Be very wary of purchasing silver rimmed glasses that are attributed to her directly versus being described as in the style of Dorothy Thorpe. 

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