Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mad for Haeger

Looking back at Episode 2 (Ladies Room) of Mad Men, I am struck by how young 1960 Betty and Don are compared to themselves at the mid-point of season 7.  In this episode we are introduced to the Draper dining room.  I like the juxtaposition of traditional elements to the the modern, remnants of the past with glimpses of the 1960s. The Drapers were married in the mid-1950s, so it seems logical that a fair amount of their housewares would date from this era or earlier.  Wedding presents, items purchased for their first home, and family heirlooms would be expected.  It will be interesting to see if this was taken into consideration in set decor as I go back through the episodes.

Ladies Room dinging room scene

I was immediately taken with the centerpiece on the table.  A modern spaceship between two old ships.  At first I did not know what exactly this piece is...a covered casserole with a warmer was my first guess.  It looks like a heat source (votive or Sterno perhaps) could be concealed on the bottom.  The color scheme made me think it was a piece of Stangl Antique Gold.  Google says no, try again.  Maybe a fondue pot, nope.  It turns out is a covered Haeger dish with a decorative base in their Gold Tweed glaze which was introduced circa 1959/1960.  I found this mint example on ebay for $14.99 plus shipping.  I think it is going to end up in my office, we have a total Mad Men staircase between floors and that has inspired me to go mid-century in my cube decor. 

My ebay find!
This episode also reminds you (yet again) how smoking was allowed everywhere back in 1960.  I especially like this footed ashtray.  One of my jobs as a child was cleaning out the ash trays.  My parents didn't smoke but it we would have company who did. 
Ladies Room office scene
 More great mid-century pottery.  Love the planter and the sculptures (or candlesticks?) - perhaps some more Haeger.
Ladies Room - Betty at her therapist's office

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