Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mad Men - I watch for the housewares

I have to admit my most exciting moments in watching Mad Men are when I recognize a familiar face, namely one of my favorite vintage housewares.  My husband thinks I am absolute nut when I blurt "Oh my God!!! Megan is drinking wine from a Libbey Accent wine glass! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!"

Now my inner Libbey nerd is thinking "Wow. Megan has a secret time machine!"  The wine glass she drinks from one her California deck in 1969 appears to be a tawny Libbey Accent wine glass, but as far as I can tell Accent was not introduced until  April 1970.  Or maybe she just has inside connections.  Maybe Don had the Libbey account and they never mention it on the show...
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Still, I was very excited to see one of my favorite Libbey patterns on the show.  And I am sure the set designers will continue to rock my world when season 7 resumes.  Until then I think I will look back at each episode.  More to come.

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