Monday, July 28, 2014

Jasperware Clean Up

My very first piece of vintage was a Queensware vase I purchased in high school.  Ever since then I have had a soft spot for Wedgwood, so I couldn't pass a deal on some pieces at auction.  Luckily, I think the dingy appearance of most of the pieces kept most bidders away.  My theory is if it isn't a huge investment, there is always a way to clean a piece.

So after purchasing this montley crew of dingy Jasperware I unleashed the power of google to figure out the best way to clean them.  I decided to test a Mr. clean Magic Eraser on a dirty broken lid as a test.  I had a box under the sink for use in cleaning crud off of Pyrex.

After the first swipe it was looking promising.
I was happy with the results so I cleaned the rest of my purchases, including a couple of nice tricolor pieces.
Before and after...
The final results drying.  Now to decide what to list and what to keep!

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